About Us

The Butch Collective is a full-service production company. We craft impactful brand movies, commercials, live webinars, campaigns and events.
With the right creative talent for every project. A collective in every sense of the word. We pride ourselves in applying the intimacy of a small company – but with a big creative impact.

What we do to make brands become the best version of themselves



For many years we have been capturing the most beautiful scenes in a professional way. We work together with a dedicated team of cameraman who have a lot of experience and are also working in the film and television industry.



We have a wide arsenal of photographers who each are great in their own way. Its important for us to be able de deliver the style and craftsmanship every company needs. For example architectural photography is something different then a more human intrest kind of commercial photography.


3D Animations

We love the complex skill the 3D animation is created with. Among others, we designd 3D animations for Oceanco and DYT. It is such a special, different and modern way to tell a story.


Graphic design

The message of a brand is well communicated through graphics. If it is a logo, an illustration, an animation for a video or a direction of style. Graphic design is a important part a brand and its content. Therefore we are happy to work with a few very talented graphic designers.



Often a brand is in need of a compleet new look and feel. Or a new brand wants to start off right by taking us on as they're brand designers. Together with them we brainstorm about the identity they want to portrey. Amongst others, we branded LUMEN en SOUVEREIN. For them we came up with the name, the logo, the video and photo content and we did the art direction. It is so fun to take on the whole package. We truly love this process of creation.



Production is all about connection the dots. Bringing different parties together to do something great. So why not take on events aswell? We where already documenting them. Might as well take on the whole production. Our latest event was for Oceanco. Together with a dedicated team of professionals we pulled off the epic light show Launch of the 1050H.