As Oceanco’s trusted media partner in the ambitious sustainability initiative, Project NXT, we were asked to capture the essence of yet another one of its participants. None other than the Italian Pininfarina.

For the production of this film that included an interview with CEO, Paolo Pininfarina. We travelled to Turin and explored the halls of this engineering and design temple. Best known for its Fiat and Ferrari cars.

Elegance in design and engineering matched with elegance in filmmaking!




“The heart is an arrow. It demands aim to land true.”
― Leigh Bardugo, Six of Crows


Oceanco believes that the best way to establish new standards is to co-create them with other visionaries from a wide array of industries. And to continue its journey to a carbon-free, zero-future, it has locked arms with Dutch architecture and design firm TANK, PININFARINA, which is best known for is Italian automobile design, the old head of design at Rolls Royce, GILES TAYLOR and maritime engineering and design company LATERAL. With this vision of the future and together with these experts, Oceanco took the initiative to create NXT. It is an ongoing partnership, in which we are excited to be a part; and can’t wait to continue to help it truly achieve Zero.


Kairos is a design concept in a collaboration between Oceanco, Lateral and Pininfarina, which is part of the NXT-alliance. Kairos was launched at the Monaco Yacht Show of 2021 and for that presentation we visited the factory and design workshops of Pininfarina in Turin to film and to interview Paolo Pininfarina, its CEO.

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